Berlin sure is an exciting place offering lots of diverse impressions. Some impressions are entertaining, but of no further relevance. Other impressions go deeper, challenging us to think again. Beside social interactions and cultural interrelations it is the build environment that shapes our perception of a city – especially for passionate visitors who seek for more than Brandenburger Tor, Currywurst and Ampelmännchen.

As international students attending the Humboldt University’s Berlin Perspectives Program the contributors of this blog are in an inspiring in-between state: being tourists and residents at the same time. In a seminar about Berlin’s architecture after 1945 the students were encouraged to write their own architecture critique – this blog is the outcome of this challenge.

It is not only fascinating to see which buildings the students chose, but also refreshing and illuminating to read their thoughts about Germany’s mental state and its build expressions. Their reflections and opinions on Berlin’s architecture and cityscape have the potential to show even long-established locals new insights into their city. They call your attention to the not-so-obvious, the problematic or particular, asking for a second thought and a closer look.

We love to share these pieces with you on Berlin Perspectives on Architecture. Please enjoy!


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