Walking down Fritschestr. in Charlottenburg to find this little Gem!

Walking down Fritschestr. in Charlottenburg to find this little Gem!

From a distance, all that is perceivable is the smooth turning shape of a roof, sets of pronounced windows (sunken in, but that somehow adds to it’s notice-ability), along with it’s beige-creme color. Upon further discovery, the passerby can notice little details on the facade which give it all of its character. Let’s start from the bottom. Immediately there begins a patterned, rather tattered brick design, which operates in a arrhythmical manner, much like a checkers board. Instead of pronouncing the other variation of square by color, unlike a checkers board, it switches distinctly from smooth to rough(parallel notches striking down, or sideways, depending on how you think about it.). There over is the connection with an H-like obtrusion breaching the facades natural front. Within the H, lies 3 balconies which feature three small pillars in the middle and two women statues situated to look as though they are desperately trying to hold the building up. As for the rest of the H, continuing up we find three connections which lead to two different types of lines. One with spades( two of the lines, each on the outside), the other smooth all the way to its end. What is also nice about the H part are the folds above each window, which follow small strips of peril white. Just beyond that, above the H part, we find white outlined smooth planks, next to what appears to be a sideways imbrication mimicking a wooden slated facade. Then, awesomely enough, just below the red beaded roof there are cute statues encapsulated by white stone. It’s fun to notice, also, that the windows above the H, are rounded on the top(like half circles) whereas the windows on the H, are square. Inside the plateau of the roof(that is what the roof shape reminds me of), are three windows, two small and one big(in the middle of course)… So what did I miss? What do you think? Comment below to add to the discussion. Comments are encouraged, and intellectual debates are desired! And don’t forget to bring you camera around the city so you can upload you pics here!


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