nhow – a Berlin Hotel that suprises and intrigues

by Walentyna Muszynska


The nhow Hotel, which must draw the attention of every person who is a modern architecture- and design-fan, was only build 3 years ago. It is located directly at the river Spree, Stralauer Allee 3, in the area of the former Osthafen. I’ve chosen this building because of its atypical body which attracts attention and changed the cityscape of Berlin significantly. The building was designed by the german-russian architect Sergei Tchoban.

The nhow is said to be Europe’s first artistic hotel. It’s meant to be a place for people connected to creativity: musicians, designer, trendsetter and the like. The hotel has more than 300 rooms, a professional recording studio, conference rooms, a bar, a restaurant and a wellness center with a Spa and a gym. This modern hotel hosts a series of diverse events, exhibitions, readings, etc.. But for me the special attraction is the great panorama view of Berlin which you can enjoy from inside looking out.

But let’s start with the interior. Already the entrance hall welcomes you with a crazy, quite atypical design. The reception looks like an insane pink console. The guy behind the desk greets me friendly and allows me to take photos.


The furniture is mostly futuristic. You could easily call it “futuristic pop”: strong, intensive colours, flowing and oval shapes, waving lines and interesting light bulbs and wall papers. It’s hard to find just anything typical for a normal hotel.

For me the colourful rooms with their modern fittings are wonderful and amazing. It fascinates me, even though I guess that some people won’t feel comfortable in these rooms. Because of the intense colours one could be irritated, not able to relax at all. But that doesn’t change anything about the fact that nhow belongs to the world’s best design-hotels. And that is no exaggeration. Responsible for all the interior design solutions is the New York design star Karim Rashid.


Every part of the hotel is devoted to another colour. For example, the eastern part is dominated by warm colours like gold and pink, inspired by sunrise and sunset. The western part also hosts pink, but contrasted with cold colours like grey and blue.

In my opinion the nhow Hotel is a place in which technology and modern art – so to say: today and tomorrow – meet. The hotel is a fantastic example of how to revitalize former industrial buildings.



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