All over Berlin, there are buildings that simply get unappreciated. They aren’t all significant like the Reichstag, but very much like the Reichstag, very important. The architecture of Berlin is made up, not of the famous buildings, but of the average building. It’s the regular buildings where culture and expression of the city are found. This building, for example was captured from the vantage point of the Sophie-Charlotte-Platz park in Charlottenburg(Bismarkstr and Schlossstr). I’m usually not a big fan of yellow that reminds me of dehydrated urine, but with the combination of the very beautifully detailed gray boarders around the yellow, I can say the yellow is quite appropriate. I find it homely and pleasant to the eye. That’s why I took this picture. In my time in Berlin, I have found these hidden Architectural treasures everywhere throughout Berlin. So next time you want to go walking around Berlin, take your Camera, and share it here! Comments are encouraged, and intellectual debates desired. So get out there and walk your dog, get a workout, or simply enjoy the quickly arriving spring and summer. Most importantly though, don’t forget your camera!


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